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Five Tips for Eco-Friendly House Removal in Clapham

Clapham cleaning, transporting, storing, unpacking and packing a home tends to use valuable capitals as well as energy. Often people associate moving house with stress but fail to oversee the impact it has on the environment with everything that is involved in the process. Furthermore, if you are looking for removals Clapham, house moving can be the best opportunity to consider carbon emission and put eco-friendly measures in place during the removal process.

 Below are some tips to consider.

1. Re-using boxes

It saves you money rather than buying a new box for removal services, consequently, re-using boxes helps to prevent wastage and is eco-friendly. Boxes are eco-friendly, so it helps in reducing your carbon footprint in Clapham. Re-using boxes for the removals has various advantages such as help in reducing waste sent to the landfill. It is best if you recycle packing materials rather than disposing of them in the landfill.

2. Moving fewer items

Nowadays most people tend to embrace the greenway as a way of life; subsequently, some aspects need to change to achieve the goal of an eco-friendly house removal. Moving fewer items helps in reducing carbon emission since the car burns less gas while carrying less stuff hence help in saving money as well as reduces your carbon footprint. One can even generate extra cash from removals by selling out stuff in Clapham that will not be used in the new home or you can donate them to charity. Also moving considers emptying the refrigerator as well since most of the item present in the fridge will turn bad by the time you arrive in your new home.

3. Using eco-friendly companies

While moving always consider removal companies that are eco-friendly since various companies offer eco-friendly removal services. Furthermore, consider using Clapham removal companies with vans that run on biodiesel they are friendlier to the environment than those that do not use biodiesel.

4. Biodegradable

Biodegradable materials are materials that can readily decompose in the presence of the microorganism. Using biodegradable materials while moving home helps in reducing your carbon footprint as well as is beneficial to the environment. Furthermore, biodegradable material turns into a nontoxic compound once broken down by a microorganism present in the atmosphere making it one of the best eco-friendly materials to keep in mind while moving in Clapham.

5. Cooking

Cooking and freezing your food before moving is a brilliant idea since it saves you time as well as provides more room for other stuff to fit in the removal process. Furthermore cooking also helps in saving money, reduce wastage as well as reducing your carbon footprint. You can donate excess foodstuff to the local charity to prevent wastage.


According to research done in the UK, a person moving home emits an average of 16.8 kg of carbon dioxide, however, the use of eco-friendly house removal aids in the reduction the carbon footprint produced during the process. Nowadays eco-friendly methods are being discussed widely as more people tend to go the greener way of living. Furthermore, humans have started to show concern about the well-being of the environment hence increasing eco-friendly practices in Clapham removals.



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